About Me

I am a mom, wife & a working professional, trying to find the best balance being all this & a good daughter, sister, daughter-in law, friend, and certainly not in the same order. And more than the balancing act, I want to find that one identity that identifies who I am. I know I am not alone in this search of mine.

There are hoards of educated, qualified & extremely talented mommas who want to pause from the treadmill they are running on, to take a deep breath & re-think the real purpose of their life. I stand for every mom who has worked hard for her education & career, is proud of her achievements, and still holds her children above everything else. Who is on the cross-roads of which side to sway; a full time career, or a full time momma, because she is greedy & wants the best of both worlds.

And a hat tip to the women before me who have found their place, or are content with what they have been dealt with.


Image Credit Saarmanche


This Blog is about motherhood, pregnancy, children, family, sibling relationship dynamics, career aspirations of a mother, time management & stress management to successfully navigate through parenthhood, and so much more that I encounter in my journey!


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