Life is in the pauses

photo credit: <a href="">shingleback</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>

photo credit: shingleback via photopin cc

Once you become a parent, your life is a whirlwind. It sets into motion the day your baby arrives & just keeps on gathering speed each passing day, as you move from night time feeds, to baby food, to pre-school morning rush to school homework to boards exams to entrance tests and so on…..

As a parent you keep defying logic & keep telling your body she’s not tired, the puffy eyes are just because of a late night you had yesterday, or that the weekend was unusually occupied, it’s just a passing phase and what not. But after a few years, when the euphoria of becoming new parent, buying new baby clothes & setting up the nursery is all done, long after people stop congratulating you, and you realise that this is it; your life is irreversibly changed; you are a PARENT for life!!!

This is when you start asking every young couple around you with young kids when does life become the old life you knew? They all tell you it’s just for a few more years, just hang onto it.

This is what I have been convincing myself & my husband, that the present treadmill of our lives is just a passing phase. Soon the kids will be more independent & responsible, and things will ease out.

I reaslied, all that shall happen when the kids have grown old! Oh oh. But can’t they continue to be cute & cuddly & wanting  forever, while being responsible & independent? Ya, right, as though that can happen. So let’s enjoy the pauses we can catch, between the teeth brushing & bath, the Sunday morning laziness, the afternoon naps together or the splashing in the bath-tub. This is where the childhood is hidden between the chores & the rush.

Too soon these babies, who can’t walk without assistance & have to be hand fed, will be asking for your car keys & have an independent life of their own. They would need you to provide for them, but not need your support in everything.


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