Craft ideas to keep a toddler engaged

My 3.5 year old daughter, like kids her age, is interactive, has a short attention span, and is constantly seeking something to keep her busy. As a mom I would rather she does something creative than sit in front of the TV to kill time.

I use craft as a good way to learn skills like handling a pair of scissors, painting, sticking glue, while enjoying ourselves. Small little things like coloured glazed paper, stick on glitter shapes, shimmery glue, basically things you get at any stationary shop, and is under Rs.50/-, can be very entertaining for a child.

Here’s what my daughter & I do to make the best use of time while having a ball-

1. Child proof Paper scissors- (yes they cannot cut skin/ cloth/hair- as per the product description) + non-toxic glues & a newspaper or an old magazine = 1/2 hour of animated cutting & pasting by a 3 yr old. I have tried this & its a very engaging activity. It was me who wanted coloured paper & a plan in place. Kids just want to go chop chop….

You can buy these scissors here 

Craft cat

2. Finger painting- Ditch the paintbrush & the hassle of dipping in water. Non-toxic paints (they come for Rs.20/-) + an apron + a vivid imagination = 1/2 hour of amazing fun. And you can frame these paintings too :). Or you can get the whole kit which comes complete with colours, sponges of various shapes (starts, circles & teddy bear etc.) and pre –printed designs on paper. So convenient. You can buy these here 


Craft hand painted squid

3. I am an e-com junkie & have loads of parcels delivered to me. Instead of throwing away the cartons, why not make a house for your daughter. 2-3 empty cartons + scotch tape + accessories = real life doll house. I know it’s an amateur’s work, but my daughter loved her studio apartment & moved in with her favourite toys & books J

4. Old diya (earthen pots) + squishy shimmery glue = one happy toddler + nice diwali giveaways

5. Loads of stick-on shimmer + glue stick = 1/2 hour of animated engagement

Craft decorated pen stand




Craft lollipop

These are all tricks/activities I have tried numerous times & they have worked. It makes for a fun evening spent with my daughter while teaching her motor skills & appreciation for art. So that’s my win-win momma tip. I have enclosed some photos of the craft work done by my daughter & me. I wish I had some of the studio apartment we made together :).

My daughter & I are mighty proud of our handi-work :-). What do you think? Will you be trying these?

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