10 life lessons my 3.5 yr old taught me

They say there is no age for a teacher, and as I grow with my children, I realise it is so true. This tiny creature who has walked the earth for 1/10 my age, can teach me so many things….

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photo credit: adwriter via photopin cc

Here are 10 life lessons my 3.5 yr old taught me-

1. Perseverance- If you stick at it, you shall have it.

Whether it is a toy/candy, or a task she is trying for the first time, I’ve seen my daughter continuously make efforts for it, to the point of my exhaustion. Toddler will NOT give up.

2. Best things in life are free- Yes, truly

Anyone who is a parent knows that kids can read when affection is genuine. What makes a child happy? Branded clothes, imported shoes, most expensive schools, child friendly & oh-so-carefully selected toys? Nope. A good sleep, splashing in the bath tub & making the entire bathroom wet to your chagrin, seeing their dad return from office, touching a dog’s wet nose, dropping their food all over the floor, a good burp or poop, pillow fight, horse riding on their dad’s back, making a house from sofa cushions (who cares if you have prohibited them from doing it), when their dad’s stubble tickles their chin, and soooo much more. And what does it cost. Only time & love. And what do WE amass from all our efforts, mostly materialistic things. But do they give us happiness? I’m not so sure now.

3. Short term memory is good- When you have had a fight.

My daughter never holds a grudge. With the next kiss, they make up & forget about any bad incident, and NEVER bring it up.

4. Play- It is the single most absorbing & involving activity of my daughter. She is immune to her surroundings when she is playing. As adults, we lose touch with our playful side. We do things which have an ROI (retuen on investment) which looks tangible. But playing is theraputic & such a stress buster.

5. Life is TODAY- Not when all task of your to do list are done.

If you want a lesson in living in the moment, watch a kid on a swing, with her legs in the air, her face towards the sky and wind in her hair. Watch a kid get dirty in a sand pit, sitting cross legged, with muddy hands, with dirt on her clothes & hair and enjoying the feel of something icky on her fingers. They have no care about tomorrow. Or clean clothes. Or if your maid is coming tomorrow. Or if the last date for your credit card bill is approaching. They worry WHEN they have to. Not all the time.

 6. Cry when it hurts- Its good to me human.

A child will cry when hurt & ask for a hug and soothing words. That’s all it takes ummm 80% of times. Isn’t that true for us. Most of our issues, are more people/pre-judice/ego based & not incident based, and all it takes is a kind word, some give & take and we’re good to go. And a hug doesn’t hurt anyways.

7. Ofcourse I can do it Mommma, I’m a big girl- There is nothing unachievable.

Have you ever heard a child say, I can’t do it, it looks tough? Nope. They don’t know their potential & are ever eager to test it. How can they be so full of confidence when they can’t speak two coherent sentences without getting distracted, and we, with all experience & wordly wisdom, doubt ourself so often? But worldly wisdom is what stops us in our tracks. We’ve expereinced or heard or seen so many failures that we doubt more than believe in ourselves. But I wish we learn to believe like a child.

 8. Patience- Rome wasn’t bulit in a day, and neither was a child.

I can give lots of gyan on how a tree grows from a seed…and blah blah…but the truth is things will take their own time. This is the single most difficult lesson I have learnt, or rather am still learning. We took 12 months to start walking & another 12 to start eating on our own. Don’t expect it to be different when you are at the receiving end.

 9. When at the end of your rope, change your world-view

Whenever I lose patience with my kids, it’s not their fault, we’ll at least 90% of times. They ARE expected to drop water, or eat slow, or be obstinate, or want to sleep more, and a long list of things appropriate for their age. I am unable to see things their way & this causes problems for me. If we adjust our viewpoint from people to people & situation to situation, things will turn out differently. Its all about taking a pause in your normal race & re-adjust your vantage point. And lo and behold, things start looking better.

 10. Timelessness- I have all the time in the world

Kids are not governed by watches & time. They give their all to what they are doing, and at their own pace. They are NEVER hurried & rushed. Shouldn’t we be doing the same. Yes, we should be punctual & its good to be scheduled, but there is no need to rush all the time.

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